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About Us

About us site is based on monarch butterfly which is the most visited place in North America. This site contains the information about Monarch Butterflies, Butterfly Spotting Gear, Butterfly Spotting Locations.

Monarch Butterfly is the most commonly visited place in North America. There is some beautiful places to seeing the group of monarch butterflies such as Berkeley, Pacific Grove, Pismo Beach, Los Sauces, Goleta, and Ontario, etc. You can also spot the monarch butterfly through the imaginary thermal camera and binocular on the camping trip. Butterfly watching can be relaxing and fun.

Monarch butterfly mostly comes in winter, and some butterflies fly from Canada to Mexico. The best time to visit the monarch butterflies in January to February. The El Rosario and Sierra Chincua is the one of the best place for tourists to visit and viewing the butterflies in highest quantities.

California is one of the charming states of US to watch millions of beautiful butterflies during Winter season. But, the numbers still can’t match Mexico. The Monarch Biosphere Reserve located in Michoacán, Mexico around sixty miles Northwest of the nation’s Capitol.