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Butterfly Spotting Equipment By Watkins And Doncaster

Watkins And Doncaster Butterfly Spotting Gear

Watkins and Doncaster have so many products for watching and catching butterflies. They have Best Butterfly spotting gear that can be appreciated by beginner butterfly watchers and novices alike. Some of their best products are listed here:

Butterfly Net

Butterfly Spotting Gear Net

Beginners can purchase a complete Beginners butterfly net. This net can help newbies catch winged beauties with its thirty-centimeter diameter.

The wire frame will last a long time. The wooden handle is thirty centimeters long and the black bag is meshed to let the caught insects breath. Spare black bags are also available for purchase.

Pocket Spring Steel Set Frame

Butterfly Spotting Gear Pocket Spring Steel Set Frame

For those looking for a net frame that can be easily packed away with their camping equipment, there’s the Pocket spring steel net frame. It has a thirty-centimeter diameter when it’s open, but can be twisted and folded up to pocket size. The handle included with the frame is brass and very short. Extension handle net systems can make it longer and users can get a black or white mesh bag to attach to it.

The handle included with the frame is brass and very short. Extension handle net systems can make it longer and users can get a black or white mesh bag to attach to it.

Butterfly Identification Kit

Butterfly Spotting Gear

A butterfly identification kit is an awesome buy for beginners who want to catch and identify butterflies before setting them free.

Included in the kit is a beginner’s butterfly net, a nest of four card boxes with clear bases, and a “What British Butterfly is That?” Identification booklet.

Inside the book is an original British butterfly chart. It’s an education item worth having in anyone’s Best Butterfly spotting gear.

Butterfly Traps

Butterfly Spotting Gear

Blendon butterfly traps are available on the website in two sizes and come with a choice of black or white netting.

These nets are made to collect tropical butterflies that feed on rotten fruit. This improved design has an all netting top with longer sides than before and a larger table.

The strings can easily get adjust by using the toggles for butterflies of varying sizes. An optional rain cover can keep the net dry no matter the weather outside. This design has a vertical side zipper so the owner can access the butterflies without any issues.

It can be left open to let any other unwanted insects out of the trap once the butterflies have been taken out. The small Blendon butterfly traps have a thirty-centimeter diameter, are sixty-five centimeters high, and have a thirty-five-centimeter diameter table.

The larger version has a forty centimeter diameter, is ninety centimeters high and has a forty-five-centimeter diameter table.

Pocket lens

Butterfly Spotting Gear

Watkins and Doncaster also have equipment so insect observers can see their finds in a more exact light. They have a 3X pocket lens that comes with a soft case.

It measures forty-three millimeters in diameter. There is also an X8 general purpose lens that comes with a plastic case. The lens diameter is sixteen millimeters.


Butterfly Spotting Gear Lanyards

For those who have binoculars or hard lenses in their Butterfly spotting gear, there are lanyards available for purchase. They have a quick release clip so they can put on or removed it in just a snap.

They fit lenses that have a hinge in the case like their E658 or cases that have a hole on the outside for the ring like the E657.

Double-Ended lenses

Butterfly Spotting Gear

Watkins and Doncaster have a pair of X8 and X15 double-ended lenses that will let butterfly watchers get a good view of the smallest to the largest butterflies they find while in the field.

The diameters of the lenses measure twenty-five and twelve millimeters.

Compact Binoculars

Butterfly Spotting Gear

Listed also on their website are 8X21 compact binoculars. These small binoculars have color plated optics and have a fine short focus of up to three meters. They are fantastic for viewing winged insects.

These binoculars would make a great asset to anyone’s collection of Butterfly spotting gear. They even come with a handy carrying case and a wrist strap.


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