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Monarch Butterfly And Pollinator Festival Information

Pollinator Festival And Monarch Butterfly Spotting Locations

The Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival held on October 21st and 22nd in San Antonio. This unforgettable event is strategically planned to coincide with the week. That Monarch migration predicted to its highest in Texas.

Texas Butterfly Ranch

Texas Butterfly Spotting LocationsThe event organized by Texas Butterfly Ranch and will be a celebration of the beauty of nature. The wondrous journey of the Monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico and can be seen in action every year around the same time.

The National Wildlife Federation has named San Antonio America’s first and only Monarch Champion City thanks to its location on the Monarch migration map. Because of this, it only seems fitting for the celebration to held in San Antonio.

This celebration will honor not only the Flight of the Monarchs but also the insect pollinators that are responsible for a third of the world’s food supply.

Attendees will also be celebrating the countries of North America and how the butterflies keep everyone connected in their way.

Sponsors of Monarch Butterfly And Pollinator Festival

Butterfly Spotting LocationsSponsors of the Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival include the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Pearl, the San Antonio River Authority, the Rivard Report, HEB, and Trinity University. The events held on Saturday, and October 22nd are free and open to everyone.

The festivities will begin on Friday evening, October 21st and will last from six to nine PM at the Pearl Studio. A symposium on Climate Change and the Monarch Butterfly Migration will be lead by multiple guest speakers.

Special Speakers For The Festival

Best Butterfly Spotting LocationsOne special speaker will be Dr. Cuauhtémoc Sáenz-Romero from Michoacán, Mexico. Dr. Sáenz-Romero had a Ph.D. in forestry. And committed to the preservation of the Monarch butterflies and their annual migration to Mexico. He has proposed the idea of relocating the forest that the Monarchs occupy two thousand feet higher in elevation.

Committed to the preservation of the Monarch butterflies and their annual migration to Mexico. He has proposed the idea of relocating the forest that the Monarchs occupy two thousand feet higher in elevation.

He believes that changes in climate will likely make the butterflies’ temporary home uninhabitable or inexistent within in the next twenty years.

Catalina Trail is also a confirmed guest speaker. In 1975 at the age of twenty-five, this remarkable woman discovered the roosting locations of the Monarch butterflies.

She appeared on the 1976 cover of the National Geographic, which first announced her find to scientists and readers in places all over the globe.

Pollinator Parade

Pollinator Parade Spotting LocationsSaturday, October 22nd will kick off with a People’s Pollinator Parade orchestrated by San Antonio’s Pedaling Pollinators and Earn a Bike Coop.

The butterfly bike crews will see migrating through the Pearl Complex wearing some “buggy” costumes. Participants will wear costumes for this festival as well.

Festival goers can enjoy learning about why and how to tag a Monarch Butterfly at the reoccurring demonstrations.

Hundreds of tagged butterflies will be released intermittently throughout the festival. It’s a great way to learn while getting in some unique butterfly spotting at this prime location.

There will be plenty of activities for children of all ages made possible by partnering organizations. Kids can engage in arts and crafts as well as butterfly spotting. Learn about the famous black and orange insects.

The kind folks from the Pearl’s Farmers Market will have insect pollinated foods available as a reminder of how important they are to our ecosystem.

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