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Tag: Butterflies in Canada

What To Bring On Your Butterfly Watching Adventure?

There has been an expanding interest in nature, watching on the part of many Canadians. Birdwatching has become a significant recreational activity.

Similarly, there is increasing interest in butterfly watching those who might be interested in photographing, watching, or studying butterflies but don’t want to undertake the more conventional way of forming a collection.

Observing butterflies with the naked eye is possible under any circumstances, but it can also be frustrating. It may take incredible patience and fortune, especially for the smaller and duller-colored species, to make positive identification in the field.… Read More

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Where to Spot Butterflies in Canada

Visitors to Canada can spot butterflies in various locations as tens of thousands of butterflies rest here on their migration south. These are monarch butterflies, their unique orange and black coloring making them among the well-known species of butterfly – and an attractive one. The butterflies can be seen throughout the US and Southern Canada throughout the summer, where individual butterflies create a gorgeous sight in sunlight.

Nevertheless, these butterflies are recognized for having one of the widest migrations in the universe- from Southern Canada all the way to Mexico. The migration takes place every autumn and visitors gather at … Read More

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Camera Drones Are A New Way To See Butterflies

Technology has played a vital role in human lives – it makes our lives easier and better to live in. Researchers, inventors, experts, scientists, and hobbyists have relied on technology to advance their studies. With its rapid evolvement, new technology can now help them to gather more data and achieve more accurate results.  UAV or drones are now equipped with lightweight cameras to record butterflies on the move!  Previously, butterflies were filmed with cameras on a track, or hand-held, now videos can be shot using a camera drone.

For documentation, camera drones or the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has … Read More

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