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Where to Spot Butterflies in Canada

Visitors to Canada can spot butterflies in various locations as tens of thousands of butterflies rest here on their migration south. These are monarch butterflies, their unique orange and black coloring making them among the well-known species of butterfly – and an attractive one. The butterflies can be seen throughout the US and Southern Canada throughout the summer, where individual butterflies create a gorgeous sight in sunlight.

Nevertheless, these butterflies are recognized for having one of the widest migrations in the universe- from Southern Canada all the way to Mexico. The migration takes place every autumn and visitors gather at known resting points to see the butterflies rest and catch a glimpse of them on their long trip south. Right now, among the best spots to see is in Ontario, where hundreds of butterflies could be seen at a stunning display.

Point Pelee National Park

The butterflies are assembling in Point Pelee National Park, the southernmost point of Canada, on the Lake Erie shores. The Nature Sanctuary is the best spot for the butterflies to relax, with some trees which are covered in black and orange stripes as the insects gather their concentration here for the long trip across the lake. The main reason that Point Pelee adventures these clusters is that it enables the butterflies to produce the shortest journey throughout the water, as a result of a small chain of islands nearby.

The butterflies are expected to the audience at Point Pelee during October, although there are definitely better times to see this natural phenomenon at its very best. Since the butterflies are awaiting optimum conditions to cross the lake, the most significant clusters will appear if conditions aren’t perfect for the crossing – inducing the winged insects to remain put. That covers windy days, with early morning and sunset being peak times. The worst time to try to find the monarchs are the middle of a hot, sunny day.

Thankfully, if you cannot get to Point Pelee this autumn, this is an annual event – so there is tons of time to reserve a visit for a coming year! Andrew Laforet, the analysis supervisor for Point Pelee National Park, has described an upward trend in the migration, although their count of numbers isn’t accurate, so waiting for years might mean seeing even more of those gorgeous little creatures in one magnificent location.

National Park in Canada

This isn’t some magical wonderland — it is only a stunning park in Canada.

People visiting Point Pelee National Park, along with the shores of Lake Erie, can enjoy seeing thousands of monarch butterflies that have ceased in the park on their way to Mexico due to their seasonal migration in September and October annually.

The butterflies are in the area to relax before proceeding their journey. “They are waiting for the ideal state to cross,” Andrew Laforet, the interpretation planner for Point Pelee National Park, told the CBC.

According to CBC, the butterflies stop in groups. They will be viewable to people until mid-October since there are hundreds and possibly even thousands of groups making their way south.

But it can be difficult to determine when you’re able to spot some butterflies. Following Laforet, rainy or windy days are genuinely perfect for butterfly watching, because the weather makes them stay there until they have excellent conditions to precede their journey. Early mornings and sunsets are also excellent viewing times.

Visitors may not have a chance of getting clusters on hot, sunny days because that is the ideal time for the butterflies to proceed their journey.

People have been sharing their best butterfly images on social networking, and it’s easy to estimate there are indeed droves of those pretty winged insects all around the park.

WOW!!  It is the perfect time to fire up the ‘gram before those little butterflies are gone.

Butterflies in Flight

Feel the joy in a world of sparkling butterflies. Feel a relaxing, warm, tropical surroundings with a large number of live butterflies and flowering plants.

Timed entry–Tickets are available daily. You have the option to purchase your tickets in advance.

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Rates may vary without notice.

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  • Admittance for this display is every 15 minutes
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Time for Parking

Parking in the memorial can fill up quickly on weekends and holidays. Give yourself sufficient time to find alternative parking if needed so That you’re not late for your trip to Butterflies in Flight.

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  1. David Houlton
    David Houlton May 13, 2020

    May 9th for the very first time spotted what seems to be called in North America a Mourning Cloak in Ottawa. It was feeding on the Hyacinths in the garden. I am now 86 and this is the very first time I spotted one. In my youth lived in England and collected butterflies.At that time we called this type Campbelwell Beauties

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